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I'm Victor Gomez, I own and operate Gomez Images, formerly Gomez Photography. I specialize in engagement and wedding photography in San Jose and the surrounding South Bay region and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. I strive to capture your story with my images and provide you with portraits that you and your family will cherish for generations to come.

My service starts with a complimentary engagement session for all weddings. I love to be able to get to know each couple before their wedding day to build rapport that will help us work together better on your wedding day.

I like to work with a combination of natural and artificial light to shape the look of my images. I prefer to shoot on location with natural background that our beautiful county parks and region have to offer.

Please take a moment and look at my work, when you are ready to discuss your important day or if you have any questions, give me a call or send me an email and I will get back to you within 24hrs. I look forward to meeting you and having the oportunity to capture your love story and helping you tell it to the world.

 -Victor Gomez
Owner, Photographer at Gomez Images

(408) 386-3773


More about the Photographer.

Aside from being a photographer I'm a family man, I've been married for twelve years, I'm a father of three children, our latest baby enlightened our lives in the fall of 2015. Being able to have my photography business has given me the pleasure of staying at home and raising my children since they were born.

I was born in Mexico City, where I lived until I was 10 years old, before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. I have lived in the Bay Area for the past 21 years, where I attended Middle School, High School and college. I attended California State University Hayward (now Cal State East Bay) where my interest in photography began.

I took a couple photography classes while attending college and I continued my interest in photography outside of school; learning on my own and working at a photography equipment store and lab for 7 years. During the time working at the store, I became very knowledgeable in both camera equipment and the photo printing process beyond what was needed to know. The knowledge I acquired comes in pretty handy when running my photography business. I'm a self-taught photographer, beyond the film classes back in college, everything I know comes from experience; seminars, workshops and collaboration with great photographers. I started my Photography business in late 2008, 5 years after I developed my first exposure in school.

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